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Born on September 01, 2005

"stars skipped

moonbeams danced

the day heaven delivered you
to earth"

where i was born
This is a pic of my Mom and Dad. We are in Friends Clinic. Thank you Dr Neelam Kapoor for helping me into this world.

As you can see, I was sneaking another nap when this picture was taken. My Papa tells me that I should enjoy all the napping while I still have the chance, cos once I am Grown up, there will be no time for resting.

Thank you to the hospital staff for looking after me so well whilst my Mom rested.
My first day home (4th september,2005)


Mere Ghar Aai Ek Nanhii Parii, Ek Nanhii Parii
Chaandanii Ke Hasiin Rath Pe Savaar

Usakii Baaton Mein Shahad Jaisii Mithaas
Usakii Saaso.Mein. Itar Kii Mahakaas
Honth Jaise Ke Bhiige-Bhiige Gulaab
Gaal Jaise Ke Bahake-Bahake Anaar
Mere Ghar Aai ...

Usake Aane Se Mere Aangan mein
Khil Uthe Phuul Gunagunaayii Bahaar
Dekh Kar Usako Jii Nahii.N Bharataa
Chaahe Dekhuu.N Use Hazaaro.N Baar    
Mere Ghar Aai ...

Maine Puuchhaa Use Ke Kaun Hai Tuu
Ha.Nsake Bolii Ke Main Huun Teraa Pyaar
Main Tere Dil Me.N Thii Hameshaa Se
Ghar Mein Aai Huun Aaj Pahalii Baar
Mere Ghar Aai ...

first pediatric visit (6th september,2005)
Aarna went to her Pediatrician Dr.Vidhya gupta for the first time today. She's doing good. 
My first smile
At about a month old Aarna began smiling at us. Initially, her smiles were random and infrequent but heart stopping from the first. (No, it wasn't gas!) By mid-november she was smiling much more frequently and oh, what a reward it is to see her smile. Now, (End December) she smiles constantly and at everyone. Of course, Mom and Dad get the majority of her grins and giggles but our little extrovert has a smile for most everyone.
My First Kanjak (10th october,2005)

Aarna looked a doll in her new frock she wore on ashtmi.Pooja was much more meaningful and funwith our lil' 'Kanjak' around.She was a pretty rich girl after the pooja !!

My First Diwali (1st november,2005)

Aarna' first diwali was absolute fun.She looked an ultimate "pataka" in her bandhini lehenga choli.Thanks to rekha bajaj and jayshree di's tailoring skills our baby looked a stunning princess !!

my first christmas eve (24th december,2005)

Thank you naani for the red sweater and booties you got me for mommy made me wear it today.i also wore my new butterfly clip.I am all set to welcome santa claus !  I'm really excited! I have my own tiny tree and have it all decorated with tiny ornaments 

My First new year eve
In the morning My junnu massi took me to Dilli Haat.I spent the day with my cousins Abhay and Damini.The gave me rides in my new pram.It was a nice sunny day.I had fun.I even lost my clip there.I wore new clothes and went to Ram Sharnam with my parents in the evening.My parents also took me on a drive to india gate.I sat on my papa's lap and enjoyed ram dhun.Everybody hugged me and kissed me as the clock struck twelve.I got a little irritated.But over all it was fun.
My first meal ( 11TH jANUARY 2006 )

Aarna enjoyed her first meal was apple stew.nice and warm.At first she struggled having it.But then gradually she started liking the taste.It was a pleasure watching her eat.


My first Balloon

My nanu bought me my first balloon in was red in colour.I loved playing with it.I stayed  with my nanu-nani for two weeks and gat a balloon everyday.

My First Holi (15th march 2006 )

My mommy and daddy told me that on holi the rainbows would come down to kiss me...and I guess that was exactly what had happened. I woke up to a wonderful morning and saw so many colours around me. I wore a holi mubarak cap that my papa bought me the nite before. I think I was looking good 'coz everybody visiting me wanted to plock a kiss on my cheek. I have lost the count of laps I sat onto that day.

By the way I was kissed pink and was a source of amusement for everybody.

Sonu chachu and Piyali chachi visited me and made me smile making all those funny faces. I think I like them.

hey i can sit..!!
So we're already into April and rapidly going into May! How fast time flies when you're having fun. I am doing a lot more than I used to including almost sitting on my own  ( I can sit for almost 30 seconds without any support ) and sprouting some insicors (boy do they hurt)! I love bitting carrots and chewing up my papa's collars .
I wish my mom used some tasty detergents instead of the insipid tasteless ones...!! Chewing collars would have been more fun that way !!
Anyways..Lookin forward to having my new tooth.My nanu has announced a party the day it sprouts.All are welcome.Love you Nanu.Muah !!
My new ear rings ( 1st april 2006 )
Hey ! Look everyone I got my ears pierced.My mom and dad took me to Silofer in G.k  M block.Everyone was surprised to see me there.They thought I was too young.My mom held me real tight.I didnt feel a thing other than just a prick.I did not cry at all and my ears never became infected either.Everyone thinks I look a doll.And I am loving every bit of that extra attention that is coming my way..!!!
My First Mango (10th April 2006 )

I love mango !

My First Flight...Delhi to Goa..6th June 2006 !
Hey I was such a good baby and didnt get scared at all.I sat quietly in my Mommy's lap all through the flight and enjoyed the compliments I got from the other passangers.
And to top it all Nanha massi was with us it was all the more fun...!!!

That's me with my Dad at the delhi airport..all set to go for  my first holiday to Goa....
My first Holiday to Goa (6th june06 to 12th june 06)

goa rocks !!l

had a terrific tripp to goa.nanha massi's company was like an icing to the cake.
loved every single second spent at the beach and the pool.Intercontinental,the grand is an amazing resort.there was so much to do.all the staff there loved me and found me real cute.
vedica didi gave me a lot of attention and vinny massi .masu and jay di spoilt me rotten.
my bikini was  great hit.i got lotsa compliments.
i loved goa.....
please god...send me to goa again soon....!!!

My First Rakhi ( August 9th 2006 )

Oh ! I so love the festivals...
Today is Rakhi and my mommy has dressed me up like a doll.
check out my gracious lehnga..
and please give lots n lots of attention
to my choli..
By the way its backless..!!
my mom stitched it up for me.
She even took me to the temple where i tied
my first rakhi to bal gopal.
The evening turned out even more boombastic when Rohit bhaiya came all set to get rakhi tied from me.
I was thrilled.

My First Krishna Janamashtmi ( 16th August 2006 )

My parents dressed me up like a doll on 
I wore a lehanga.And lots of flowers.
I rocked krishnji in my lap.
I went out to watch the jhankis with my Ba
Parul bua.
They even took me to D.J's house where i 
entertained everyone non stop.

My first birthday

Date: 1st September 2006

Time:12 noon

Veneue : Dhaba,The Claridges,New Delhi

I had a wonderful Party.My dad n mom were the perfect host.
I cut a corn cake.It was delicious.
I changed two dresses and fished a lot of compliments.
Nanha massi got me my first barking dog.I named hi tomy and would laugh everytime it would wag its tail.
Nanu,nani,jaishree di,dj,sonu chacha,piayali chachi,nanha,jatin chacha,vicky chacha and vibhuti didi and my dadi..made my party a big time sucess...!
i love birthdays.

my first visit tp the zoo ( hydrabad,sunday, 1st october 2006)

On my first visit to hydrabad a plan was made to take me to the Zoo. Since it was drizzling in the morning the elders were a lil' aprihensive to take me out n so wanted to cancel the trip. But they were afraid to disappoint me and vedica didi cos it was going to be my first Zoo outing with them. 

Well, I sure did like the zoo. Hmmm...  Mommy and vinny massi pointed out all sorts of animals, especially the monkeys and chimps, along the way,and to their surprise I  paid a lot of attention to all the bow wow's around me. They were all high up in the trees and my neck grew achy from lifting up my head and trying to catch them in action .I was, in fact, very excited seeing so many animals . 

The animal which really got my interest was the rare white tiger.When I saw the tiger, I told vedica didi and massi "mao" (meaning cat) and I meowed aloud.   

my dad has even promised to take me out on a jungle safari when i grow up !!

My first piece of art
Aint it good..
I painted the floor red...!!!
My first day in school

I went to kangroo kids and loved it..
I made lots of friends in school.
My class had only three girls and so we got a lot of attention fromt the boyz.
In my class i had..
jeehan.lalith,neehan,swayam,krishna,krish,denise,navya and me.
My first teacher was monica  and gomati teacher.they were sweet and loved me a lot.
My school bags were a great hit with my class mates and teachers.thanks to vinny massi I had matching bags with all my dresses.

My First Ice Cream
I love  Eating icecreams at naturals.
Here I am eating Cheekoo,my favourite flavour.
My First Fancy Dress
I dressed up as Shin chan for my first fancy dress show.It was during the ganesh pooja celebrations that our socity organised this event.I was a big hit among all my friends and I even walked away with a prize..!!
My First project for School " A princess's football field " 3rd dec 2008
Have a look at my first school project.We were doing Unit Of Play and were assigned to make a 3 dimensinol modal of our favourite sport.And as I love football,My mom thought of making a dream football field for me.I told her that I wanted a pond with a boat and fishies nearby..and lots n lots of flowers around my football field.And...I even helped her in making trees and flowers.My teachers really liked my project.
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